Adam’s Nature Retreat offers various activities that will make your stay worthwhile.

Some of the activities are as follows.

Nature Craft :

Nature Trail: “A walk through the woods” has always been the loner’s choice of bliss, Lush green trees adorned with beautiful, chirping feathered friends, along with the solitude bathed in serenity, nature trail can be both, a solitary as well as group activity. It can be both enjoyment as well as ‘education’, one that connects man to Nature.

Nature Project: More than words, speak actions. Through a nature project, the participants get a chance to display their innate senses, and express their creativity and perception gained from being one with nature, voicing their experiences through different tasks and interactive talks.


Nature Watch :

Celestial Flora (બ્રહ્માંડીય વનસ્પતિ) : As they say we are all built of stardust. Though we do not advocate superstitions, we do make an effort to help connect people to their celestial characteristics by way of nature. “Zodiac and Constellation plants”, help to build a more personalized approach of an individual towards the flora and at the same time cater to their spiritual need.

Butterfly Watch : “Getting butterflies” is an unsurprising feeling while falling in love, especially with nature. Vividly coloured, a feast to the beauty-keen eyes, swarms of butterflies are bound to appeal even the somber beings. A butterfly watch is surely a thing to look out for. There are more than 48 species of colourful butterflies. More are waiting to be identified by you.

Bird- Watching : The utterly sweet songs of the cuckoos, the playful pranking parakeets, the humble hornbills and lot many other beautiful birds are sheer pleasure to the nature – lover soul. The multitude of winged beauties against the backdrop of the silent woods, birdwatching appeals to the rookies as well as the experienced, in a manner truly mesmerizing. Gova hill forest is having 148 species of birds in all seasons.


Adventure Programme :

Trekking : Quite popular among the adrenaline junkies, the hills beckon one and all to experience the joy of trekking. A true test of strength and stamina, trekking the Gova Hills is all breath taking. According to the participants’ needs, the trekking routes can be designed.

Basic Rock climbing : God old rocks stands testimony to all that our earth has undergone. In true sense they are witnesses to the minutest changes. Basic rock climbing teaches the participants some foundational techniques of the otherwise not – so – easy sport. It is an effort to enhance the sense of endeavor and enthusiasm in the adventurous participants.

Mountain Biking : The turns, hoists, the curvy cravings for the ultimate bike – lovers, are not unknown to us. We make an effort to provide suitable mountain routes to all those who wish to try biking in the hills. Though not preferred by all ages, it is ‘the’ thing for the macho, exhibiting the unbreakable spirit.


Heritage & Architecture :

Human Habitat / Village Study : For all those who reside in the fast developing cities, vertical growth is the only option for infrastructural advances. In our multi-dimensional environment, we offer the quencher, a study tour to learn about different residential as well as commercial structures made by earth loving village people and Nature loving tribal friends. Study of shelter and space designed to sustain in various natural conditions. The aim to inculcate a sense of relationship towards our own homes and learn new life style hacks. Design with nature for healthy living.

Heritage, Art and Architecture : In a world where heritage is threatened entity, we are more than happy to organize architectural study tours to some of the important yet forgotten monuments. Polo Jain temple (Sabarkantha) study is an exquisite study in itself. We also welcome artists to revel in the beautiful ambience of our site and immense themselves in art and its mystique. Saputara Creative Art Workshop in summer season initiates art lovers of all age groups to paint the world in the colour of their choice. Paper or clay modeling, sketching, marble painting, mural painting, town planning, face painting, along with mild adventure activities are the activities to mould personalities. Night sky watch or stargazing is amazing experience from there.


Outbound Training :

Obstacle (courser) Training : Physical fitness is a must these days, to be able to match up to increasing work demands. Our obstacle course training aims to enhance physical strength, focused planning, problem perception, timing skills, problem solving and decision making values of young professionals who wish to undergo an all around developmental course. Primary focus shall be on physical exertions, followed by mental strengthening activities. This activity is specially designed for various target groups like corporate, pre-commission training, cadet training and educational institutions.


Spiritual Motivation :

Yoga & Meditation : Current lifestyle requires us to chase the clock in order to fulfill dreams, and all we are left with at day end; is a yearning for ‘peace’. Inner peace, at Gova hills, we welcome everyone in need of silent, peaceful environment to connect with the self. Relax and rejuvenate in the lovely lap of Mother Nature.

Pranik Healing : Physical scars heal well. As for the mental ones, healing is a stimulating once inner conscious and cures aura. Pranic Healing is therefore a no-touch, no-drug complementary therapy system that uses prana to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. Pranic Healing is highly systematic and scientific-based, which distinguishes it from other healing modalities. Pranic Healing is designed purely based on the science of energy and uses the laws of nature and universal truth.


Health and Nutrition :

Organic farming : Food now a days in not free of harmful chemicals, insecticides, synthetic fertilizer that prove to be carcinogenic. We cultivate our own crops in a healthy, organic manner that is virtually chemically free with nutritive value carefully preserved by use of natural fertilizers. Rich in vitamins and minerals, high on health quotient, all our food is prepared from organic crops. We also welcome our visitors to join in the process of ‘health growing’ where they can explore the world of farming in their own way, grow their own good veggies and satisfy the deep rooted ‘creator’ in their beings.

Garbh Sanskar : Parenthood is the ultimate joy for a couple, and their desire to instill good values in their yet–to–arrive, bundle of joy is well understood by us. A hopeful method connecting to the baby via meditation, reading, interaction, balance of energy, peaceful music and motivational talks can surely have a profoundly positive impact on the body. It helps the woman to achieve a perfect balance to conceive and give birth to a healthy, beautiful and intellectual child. It is a complete guide on Nutrition, Yoga, Spiritual life and Wellness before pregnancy and till the child is 2-3 yrs. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to help and be a part of this process.

Medicinal Plant Study : Though medical science has advanced a lot, it has certain limitation such as drug, resistance or adverse reactions. Our age old ‘Ayurved’ aims to cure the disease from its roots and at the same time, is free from harmful reactions. We make an effort to help you connect with our ancient but very effective way of treating maladies. At Gova hill forest there are nearly 214 species of flora among them many medicinal plants are still used by local tribal and rural community. You have an opportunity to study these medicinal plant species and its way of use.