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Tucked away as a jewel piece in the pristine Aravalli ranges that crown our beautiful Gujarat state, lies a bounty of natural bliss, all waiting to be explored, Tikhimagari forest. About 14 km long, the Gova Hill, popularly known as the ‘Vireshwar Hill’, stands towering the lush green woods. Close by are ancient ruins of Derol, witness to the erstwhile Jain ( Humad Community) settlement.
A Natural Heaven Tikhimagari tropical deciduous forest, a comfortable home to 148 species of birds which includes Common Grey Hornbill, Large Green Barbet, Minivets, Warblers, Flycatchers etc. chirping and interacting with us. 12 species of mammals, 16 species of reptiles, 24 species of butterflies and many insect species are willing to welcome you. Nearly 248 floral species grow abundantly, consisting of numerous medicinal plant species are creating bountiful jungle.

Unique About This Place:

This place offers you various activities as per your choice and taste.
Bird-watching Treks, Open Butterfly Park, Rest Area, Medicinal Plant Garden, Celestial Vegetation, Organic Agriculture Farms and Vegetable Garden, Orchard, Meditation Tents, Tree House, Walk Ways, Obstacle Ground, Library, Personal Camping Park, Trekking and Adventure activity area, Eco Study and Research Field Station. (Some activities are under construction)
This site provides you a place to carry out co-curricular activities to develop latent skills of the individual to perform in meaningful way.


The dry deciduous open forest, at an accessible vicinity of 150 km from Ahmedabad, beckons you to fall in charm with nature. Mother Nature, in her best form awaits you to offer an experience that is surely mesmerizing.

This place is meant for Nature related activities, camping, adventure activities, various trainings, research and learning.

This site supports local community for uplifting economic standards and environment. This is a kind of a home stay and eco-tourism site.

Come, get drenched in nature’s own showers of love and warmth.

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