Adventure Programme :

Trekking : Quite popular among the adrenaline junkies, the hills beckon one and all to experience the joy of trekking. A true test of strength and stamina, trekking the Gova Hills is all breath taking. According to the participants’ needs, the trekking routes can be designed.

Basic Rock climbing : God old rocks stands testimony to all that our earth has undergone. In true sense they are witnesses to the minutest changes. Basic rock climbing teaches the participants some foundational techniques of the otherwise not – so – easy sport. It is an effort to enhance the sense of endeavor and enthusiasm in the adventurous participants.

Mountain Biking : The turns, hoists, the curvy cravings for the ultimate bike – lovers, are not unknown to us. We make an effort to provide suitable mountain routes to all those who wish to try biking in the hills. Though not preferred by all ages, it is ‘the’ thing for the macho, exhibiting the unbreakable spirit.