Nature Watch :

Celestial Flora (બ્રહ્માંડીય વનસ્પતિ) : As they say we are all built of stardust. Though we do not advocate superstitions, we do make an effort to help connect people to their celestial characteristics by way of nature. “Zodiac and Constellation plants”, help to build a more personalized approach of an individual towards the flora and at the same time cater to their spiritual need. (Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. Click here)

Butterfly Watch : “Getting butterflies” is an unsurprising feeling while falling in love, especially with nature. Vividly coloured, a feast to the beauty-keen eyes, swarms of butterflies are bound to appeal even the somber beings. A butterfly watch is surely a thing to look out for. There are more than 48 species of colourful butterflies. More are waiting to be identified by you.

Bird- Watching : The utterly sweet songs of the cuckoos, the playful pranking parakeets, the humble hornbills and lot many other beautiful birds are sheer pleasure to the nature – lover soul. The multitude of winged beauties against the backdrop of the silent woods, birdwatching appeals to the rookies as well as the experienced, in a manner truly mesmerizing. Gova hill forest is having 148 species of birds in all seasons.